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We have a great range of Drive Shaft Balancing Machines.

Drive Shaft Balancing

This Driveshaft Balancing Machine is designed to make automotive driveshaft balancing simple and cost effective.

Using this balancing system, you will be able to balance drive-shafts, CV shafts, half-shafts and more!

This balancing machine is equipped with a hard-bearing structure, which employs the latest technology. The Electromechanical transducer incorporates a piezoelectric sensor that is small in size, high in performance and provides a stable reliable output to the Instrumentation. This machine is used in both production and repair shops for all kinds of drive shafts. With the advantage of having the capability of a high measuring speed, enhanced precision, easy to load and unload, it is an ideal investment with a low cost.

  • Specially designed brackets transmit mechanical force with high rigitity
  • Durable and reliable sensor possesses high sensitivity
  • Permanent calibration brings high accuracy with the capability of accomadating large initial unbalances
  • Advanced electrical measuring system and user friendly interface

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